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Better or Worse

For Better or Worse

by Mark Lichterman
Paperback, 734 pages
Published by Metropolis Ink (2010)
ISBN-10: 0980721911
ISBN-13: 978-0980721911

The sequel to Becoming.

Details coming soon.

Visit Mark Lichterman's site.

SPRING, 1956, BRIGHTON BEACH, NEW YORK: an old man crossing a street eerily foretells the future of the young man sitting in the car waiting for the red to turn to green...



...the day a middle aged woman sat down in a bus, and a Southern Baptist minister gained national prominence?

...the day a mysterious, intermittent beep, beep, beep... ushered in the dawn of the space age?

...the day that ushered in America’s dawn of integration – when two U.S. armies stood face to face with bayoneted rifle’s outside an American high school?

...the day America tottered on the brink of nuclear war?

...the day a line was drawn in the ocean, and the other guy blinked?

...the winter’s day when America forever lost its innocence.


Seven years that changed the history of the world and the complexion of America. Taking place in New York City, Chicago and Central Illinois, the characterizations and situations coinciding with historical events.

Paths crossed when he was five years old while crossing a street with his mother on the west side of Chicago, the same old man seen again crossing a street in Brighton Beach, New York... seventeen years later.

Through seven years as two familiar young people become an adult man and woman, a husband and a wife and, eventually, responsible parents.

Realistically written, humanistically, visually sexual, be there as this love-to-hatred, hatred-to-love marriage entwines throughout the history of the mid-1950’s into the ‘60’s

A Chronicle of Metamorphosis
by Mark Lichterman

736 pages
ISBN 978-0-646-49216-2

Do you remember...
       The first time you inhaled a cigarette? Your first swallow of hard liquor? The thrill of the first exploration of the body of your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife... your own body? Your first orgasm?
     Remember when as a people we loved America, and showed it?
     Then you might be ready for a nostalgic, funny, romantic, sexually frustrating novel.
     A novel that may remind many of us of ourselves, “way back then,” when God’s most mysterious creation was the opposite sex. A novel about life and the often funny, sometimes sad, day-to-day things that stir the memories of our lives.
     Reminiscent of the Neil Simon trilogy, Philip Roth’s Portnoy’s Complaint and the humorous writing of Jean Shepherd in the mid and late sixties; uniquely original, we are introduced to five-year-old Mitchie in 1939 in an ethnically diverse, lower middle-class neighborhood on the west side of Chicago.
     As children do, subtly growing over the next sixteen years, seeing World War Two through the eyes of this Jewish child, and later, lying about his age, joining the National Guard, “’cause girls love guys in uniform.”
     Accidentally getting caught up in the Korean war at age fifteen, Becoming follows Mitchell’s life in a series of nostalgic, comical, romantic, sad and — because “those” situations with girls, and later women, rarely conclude as young men hope — vividly described, extremely funny sexual situations.
     Becoming climaxes hilariously in 1955, in Brighton Beach, New York, when Mitchell is twenty-one and a man… or, because it takes more than age and size to “become” one... the semblance of a man. Click here for details

Sandra Worth's award-winning
Rose of York trilogy

The Rose of York series has won literary awards
in Florida,  Georgia, Oklahoma,  Connecticut,  Texas  and  Arizona,
including the Francis Ford Coppola New Century Writers Award.

Love & War
Set in Malory’s England during the Wars of the Roses, this acclaimed winner of a remarkable seven awards tells the true story of two star-crossed lovers -- Richard of Gloucester and Lady Anne Neville -- before they become King and Queen of England. A stirring tale of romance and intrigue.
     340 pages, $16.95

Crown of Destiny
Richard III is said to have murdered his royal nephews for the throne but this second historical novel in THE ROSE OF YORK series-- winners of a remarkable eleven awards-- tells a different, well-documented and dramatic tale: In a court rotten with intrigue, the late Edward IV’s detested queen makes a grab for power, forcing Richard of Gloucester into an excruciating decision that changes history.
     ISBN: 0-9751264-8-2
     176 pages, $14.95

Fall From Grace
Defying Shakespeare portrayal of Richard III, this well researched novel concludes THE ROSE OF YORK series-- winners of a remarkable ten awards, including the first place prize in the Francis Ford Coppola NEW CENTURY WRITERS AWARDS. Set in Malory’s England, it traces Richard’s remarkable reign, his passion for justice and undying devotion to Anne, and delves into the still-unresolved mystery of his nephews’ disappearance. A stirring saga of courage, sacrifice and love.
     ISBN: 0-9751264-9-0
     272 pages, $16.95

Bookstores may order from Biblio Distribution: 800-462-6420
"British history is a long-time passion of mine; the Plantagenets in general and Richard III in particular. I have devoured every book I can find on the subject. This book is, by far, the very best I have ever read about King Richard. Ms. Worth makes the people so real that I feel I know them personally. In fact, they are so real that I felt slightly voyeuristic while reading the love scenes between Richard and his Anne. I actually had tears in my eyes when the lovers were re-united in the cookhouse. I can barely wait for the sequel. Thank you, Ms. Worth." -- M.Moore

Metropolis Ink wins its second Glyph award with Sandra Worth's The Rose of York: Love & War.

In this hard, cold, heart-breaking publishing world, Metropolis Ink is a small publisher worth its weight in gold. In days when so-called marketing experts determine what books are birthed for readers, with money driving the final decision, Metropolis Ink, the creation of partners David Major and Kurt Florman, returns book publishing to the way it ought to be: with their vision, faith and innate ability to know a good book when they see one, Metropolis Ink publishes wonderful books truly deserving to be on our book shelves.
      With an increasing list of fiction and non-fiction covering the whole spectrum of our existence, Metropolis Ink’s books entertain, inform, make us cry and are simply unforgettable. Many of them written by first-time authors, the marketing departments of bigger publishers may never have allowed these books to see publication because – despite their obvious worth – they might have been deemed too great a risk.
      In 2003, one of Metropolis Ink’s books, Dear Heart, How Like You This? brought home the Arizona Book Publishing Association semi-annual Glyph Award for Best Adult Fiction. Now, The Rose of York: Love and War has won the 2005 Glyph award for best general fiction; the second award in a row for Metropolis Ink!
      But that’s only part of the story. Love and War, despite receiving many awards as an unpublished manuscript, languished for years, a book rejected by countless publishers, before arriving on the desk of Kurt Florman, Metropolis Ink’s editor-in-chief. Seeking well-written manuscripts with broad appeal, Florman knew "Love and War" was a winner and, after publishing it in End Table Books, an imprint of Metropolis Ink, he’s been proved right, yet again.
      Sandra Worth’s debut novel, the first novel of a three-part series about Richard III, has now ten awards to its credit and Metropolis Ink its second ABPA Glyph. The second volume in the series, Crown of Destiny, is currently in the late stages of preparation, and will be available soon.


2004 First runner up
commerical ficton
Writers Notes Award

Dear Heart, How Like You This?

Wendy J. Dunn

325 pages,

"A heart-rending tale of love and loss. Narrated by the poet Thomas Wyatt, the reader embarks on a fascinating journey that takes us from the yews of Hever Castle in Kent to the intrigue-laden courts of England, France, and Rome, as Wyatt recalls his desperate, and often helpless, desire for a woman whom he cannot save - the ill-fated Anne Boleyn. By turns wildly romantic and imbued with poetic melancholia, Dunn's assured prose brings to life the charismatic Wyatt, depicting through his eyes Anne Boleyn’s transformation from a spirited child to wronged woman bent on exacting vengeance from a heartless king, and a queen tormented by her own ambitions, until her final horrifying hour on Tower green - an hour that destroys Wyatt's innocence forever.
"Dunn depicts Anne, and her brother George, as warm-hearted, intelligent persons, confidants in a triptych that includes Wyatt. Each in their own way is caught up in Henry VIII’s brutal machinations, but it is Wyatt who truly captures the imagination: a man with an abiding curiosity in the world around him, who cannot help but bear witness to the Boleyns dizzying rise and terrifying fall, even as he, too, is swept up in events beyond his control. His own faithless alliance with an adulterous wife; his love for a father succumbing to a relentless illness; his ambivalence toward his children; and his self-doubts as to his ultimate importance in a society overturned by the tumult of the Reformation underpin this tender story that dares to ask the question: What does it mean to love?
Though framed as an account of arguably the most famous of Henry VIII’s six wives, Dear Heart is far more than another re-telling of a well-trodden tale. For entwined with the glamorous, ultimately tragic, story of Anne Boleyn’s life and death, is that of an inherently good man’s struggle with the evils of his time, and of the toll that is often exacted of those who finds themselves immersed in the sweeping tides of historical change..."
      -- Christopher Gortner, author of The Secret Lion

Click here to go to Wendy's web site.

n e w s

Sue Lange, author of Tritcheon Hash,
has a new website.

"Funny, perceptive and hard-hitting by turns – welcome to a new and witty voice in sf satire."
-- John Grant, co-editor, The Encyclopedia of Fantasy

"Author Wendy J. Dunn’s Dear Heart, How Like You This? novel about Anne Boleyn, the lovely, ill-fated Queen, has won two prestigious awards: the 2003 ABPA GLYPH AWARD WINNER for Best Adult Fiction and First Runner Up in the WRITERS NOTES AWARD.
More importantly, it has won a slew
of rave reader-reviews!"

Read Wendy's entire interview at

Sandra Worth's Fall from Grace
has won the follwing prizes:

  • FIRST PLACE WINNER of the Francis Ford Coppola-supported
    2003 NEW CENTURY WRITER AWARDS and a $1, 000 Prize. Chosen from 490 entries for best unpublished and emerging writers. The final judges of the contest included top industry producers, directors, film marketing professionals, fiction writers, playwrights, fiction editors, screenwriters, executive producers, and literary agents. New Century Writer Awards is an annual screenwriting, playwriting and fiction writing competition and educational organization supported by Francis Ford Coppola's Zoetrope All Story.  
    See Moxie Films ,, or this page for more info
  • Winner of the Bay Area Writers League
    GRAND PRIZE of $1, 500 dollars
    2003 Open Manuscript Competition
    The panel of judges included university professors of the University of Houston. Comment from the judges, “This is one fine masterful work, the true quill.”

The Rose of York: Love & War
has now won the following prizes:

  • Winner of the 2005 Glyph Award for Best General Fiction.
  • Winner of the 2004 Royal Palm Award -Published Historical Fiction Florida Writers Association
  • A winner in the 2004 More Than Magic contest of the Romance Writers Ink - Romance Writers of America, Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  • January, 2004 ~ The Rose of York: Love & War receives four nominations and wins the number 2 spot in the Editors and Preditors Readers Poll of Best Books of 2003. Please see
  • July 2000 ~ THE ROSE OF YORK SERIES swept all nine categories of the Authorlink Competition to win the Grand Prize in the Authorlink International New Author Awards Competition which is given to only one First Place Winner. The competition was judged by Thomas J. Colgan, Berkley Publishing Group (Penguin Putnam). Sandra was flown to the University of Georgia by Authorlink to receive her certificate and $500 cash prize.
  • June 2000 ~ THE ROSE OF YORK SERIES won the First Place Prize of $100 in the Historical/Western category of the Authorlink International New Author Awards Competition.

Suite 101 have posted an article -- under the heading 'Inspiring Women' -- about Sandra Worth and her work.

The Blood and its Third Element has a new site: The site is an information resource for people researching Bechamp and his work. Articles, links, books, etc.

A Man's Guide To Pregnancy is a fun look at pregnancy from the man's point of view. It makes an especially good gift book for the expecting father as it is full of "humorous helpful hints" to guide a man through this sometimes confusing, always hectic time. No expecting father who has a shred of a sense of humor should be without this book.
More details...

John Zakour and Kyle Miller

ISBN 0-9751264-5-8
128 pages

This book is mostly cartoons from the comic panel Working Daze. Working Daze is syndicated in a few lucky papers and over the web by United Media. We call this book an extended cartoon collection because it also adds a few witticisms and handy hints here and there, just to be different.
      Working Daze highlights (well, mostly skews) the trials and tribulations we all go through in our daily work lives when dealing with a group of individuals and a corporate “mind set.” It doesn’t take place in your office, but sometimes you swear it does. More...

Recipe for the World's Greatest Kids is a serious, but humorous guide for raising awesome kids. It is written by a mother of six children in a way that is easy for anyone to understand and relate to, and is based on true accountings of her own experiences with her family. has posted an article about Maya, her book, and Kobi's Korner.
More details


Stephanie Bavaro

ISBN 0-9751264-3-1
208 pages

Meet Heather Hall: a corporate rebel who finally meets her demise after committing infractions such as stealing bottled water from the company caterer, going to the movies during the workday with her best friend, and defying the company's open-toed shoe policy. The spunky Heather Hall sashays her way through unemployment -- and into several different job disasters -- until she finally finds what she was meant to do all along. More...

News Flash: Death of Career gives Birth to Novel!
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